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California Community College Student Outcomes Abroad Research Project


Support After You Return Home

For students who have a successful study abroad experience, the return home may be challenging as you re-adapt to the realities in the United States, or "re-entry." Many students who studied abroad undergo many changes as they re-examine their priorities, their values, and how they think of themselves and the United States.

While you had an exciting time abroad, your family and friends may not be as interested in your experiences as you are; students may return home with hundreds or thousands of photos and hours of video and there may be no one interested in seeing them or hearing about your experiences abroad. Instead, make your experience count at home by visiting The Student Study Abroad Handbook that includes information about the challenges of returning home. The Online Courses for Study Abroad Course 3: "Once You Return" includes information and resources to help you once you return home. Upon your return, put your new experience to use in your community as you outreach at your college, in K-12 schools, and to others who may benefit from your experience. The Study Abroad Student Handbook includes ways of making you experience count at home through volunteering and getting involved.

We look forward to collaborating with others who share similar research goals. For further dialogue, please Contact Us.

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