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California Community College Student Outcomes Abroad Research Project


Meaning of Results for Study Abroad at Community Colleges

  • There is a range of positive outcomes that occur as a result of study abroad and which lead to overall student achievement and success for California community college students.
  • The data shows that studying abroad impacts community college student engagement and influences academic success, while also confirming the importance of student engagement for learning.
  • There must be broader recognition amongst practitioners of study abroad as an academic program that can enhance overall learning and lead to academic persistence and success.
  • California community college students should have the opportunity to connect international knowledge as a key component to fulfilling their educational goals, facilitating academic decisions, and translating newly acquired content knowledge into career settings.
  • Along with making additional study abroad opportunities available, integrating pre-departure, while-abroad, and re-entry initiatives in the program design and implementation can increase the potential impact that study abroad can have on retention and success for students.
  • Despite its limitations, CCC SOAR shows the importance of collecting data for enhancing community college academic practices.
  • As the study abroad field matures, it bears the responsibility to provide data and analyses that document the value of its endeavors both to those within and beyond the international and higher education communities.