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California Community College Student Outcomes Abroad Research Project


Advising Study Abroad Students


Academic advisors are a pivotal academic resource for many undergraduates on their campus who are seeking assistance with selecting classes, interpreting general education and degree requirements, in addition to having other inquiries related to their academic well-being. Academic advisors are expected to be well-versed in the policies, procedures, and academic guidelines of their campus, and either help the student seeking advice, or at the very least direct them to the appropriate campus resource. Nevertheless, although the connection between academic advisors and campus-based academic activities is an obvious one, the potential role of academic advisors in assisting students who wish to participate in an overseas study abroad program is less obvious.

Academic advisors can play a substantial role in supporting students who wish to participate in study abroad. Advisors can help students plan for their time abroad and discuss how their plans of studying abroad overlaps with their overall course of study, especially in fulfilling the university and major requirements needed to graduate. The important message is that advisors can take purposeful steps to best ensure that students succeed academically while abroad.

Below are links to some resources that may assist academic advisors in their work with students interested in studying abroad: