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California Community College Student Outcomes Abroad Research Project


Forms And Documents

These materials can be used to make an existing program better or start a program from scratch.

Student Application

There are a variety of options when creating a student application that best fits your needs. Below you will find several models that have been used by California Community Colleges. Applications often contain a mix of demographic information as well was program related choices such as courses students are interested in applying to.

Butte College Study Abroad in Costa Rica
City College of San Francisco Spring in Rome & Florence, Italy Application Packet
College of the Canyons Argentina Program Registration
Fullerton College and Cypress College Study Abroad Application
El Camino College Study Abroad Application
Foothill College Belize Program Application
Glendale Community College Study Abroad Program Application Form
Grossmont College Study Abroad Travel Program Application
Long Beach City College Study Abroad Registration
Palomar College Costa Rica Application
Pasadena College Study Abroad Programs Applications Packet
Santa Barbara City College Study Abroad Program Application Rome, Italy

Application forms from Private Providers

AIFS American River College Florence Program
AIFS Citrus College Costa Rica Program
AIFS Cosumnes River College Enrollment Form
AIFS North Orange County Community College District Berlin Program
AIFS Southern California Foothills Consortium Salamanca Program Application
CAPA San Diego City Application for China Study Abroad

Faculty Resources for New Study Abroad Programs

"The expectations and responsibilities of faculty can be quite different abroad p.88." NAFSA's Guide to Education Abroad for Advisers and Administrators Third Edition. It is therefore necessary to have a clear understanding of the expectations and roles of the faculty members and administration. The following sample proposal forms can be used when deciding upon courses taught abroad and the respective teaching loads per faculty leader.

Chaffey College Study Abroad Application Faculty Proposal
Contra Costa Community College District Faculty Application for Teaching Abroad
El Camino College Faculty Proposal
Fresno City College New Study Abroad Proposal Form
Hartnell College Study Abroad Faculty Proposal Form
Long Beach City College Study Abroad Faculty Application/New Program Proposal Template
Long Beach City College Study Abroad Faculty Procedures
San Mateo Community College District Study Abroad Programs Faculty Application

Application for Further Info

Some programs offer the option to make contact with an office for more information. This option can be useful for students who do not have a clear understanding of what they want to do and are still shopping around for programs.

Cabrillo College Study Abroad
State Center Community College District Interest Form


Oftentimes programs offer itineraries for participants to view before departure. These itineraries can include a breakdown of courses offered and taught, socio-cultural programming, and start and finish dates. An example is provided below; however, itineraries are very much at the discretion of each college or provider.

Santa Monica College South Africa Itinerary

General Release/Liability

"Education abroad does not exist separately or apart from the legal context in which all of U.S. higher education operates." p512 NAFSA's Guide to Education Abroad for Advisers and Administrators Third Edition Therefore the importance of such a category is especially important in today's litigious world. Some examples of General Release and Liability forms can be found below. *These materials are only for educational and informational purposes and do not constitute legal advice.*

Cabrillo Community College District Field Trip/Study Travel Programs General Release
Coast Community College District Tour Participant Agreement
Long Beach City College Study Abroad Program Assumption of Risk and Limited Release (Minors)
Palomar College Release and Agreement to Hold Harmless and Indemnify
Santa Barbara City College Student Recommendation Form for Study Abroad
Santa Barbara Student Conduct Release Form
Santa Monica College Overseas Programs Student Agreement
Agreement Between the Foreign Study Student and the Northern California Study Abroad Consortium
Sonoma County Junior College District College Field Trip Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement

Health and Safety

Health and safety is an increasingly important issue in an era of globalization where airborne sicknesses can spread at the drop of a hat; what will your program do to ensure students' health and safety while abroad? "The responsibilities of education abroad administrators vary depending on whether the home institution operates its own programs or whether the administrators are advising students attending programs run by other institutions." p261 NAFSA's Guide to Education Abroad for Advisers and Administrators Third Edition. Below is an example of a student travel medical insurance used by a community college in California as well as a health clearance form and an example of a emergency contact list.

Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania 2010-2011 Global Student Travel Medical Insurance
Health Clearance
Santa Monica College Overseas Medical Release Form
Emergency Contact List
Palomar College Student Emergency Contact Information

Model Brochures

There are several ways to advertise study abroad programs. As stated in the NAFSA's Guide to Education Abroad for Advisers and Administrators p444: "Good and effective promotion involves knowing the target market and knowing the best range of programs for that market, then using a variety of convincing strategies to sell the programs and services." Below you will find brochures that have been used previously by community colleges in California to garner interest in their programs.

Citrus College Costa Rica Brochure (provided by AIFS)
Coast Community College Semester in London Brochure (provided by ACCENT)
Crafton Hills Semester in Salamanca Brochure
Napa Valley College Salamanca Slideshow
Palomar Community College London Brochure (provided by AIFS)
San Diego City College Costa Rica Intensive Spanish Language Program Slideshow

Scholarship Materials

Financing a program can be one of the largest sources of concern from a student's perspective. Several institutions have addressed this issue by offering information on scholarships. Faculty can assist their students in obtaining scholarships by taking the following steps, as suggested in NAFSA's Guide to Education Abroad for Advisers and Administrators p118: writing letters of recommendation and support, forwarding the names of students as strong applicants, and advising students on award-selection criteria, thereby helping them enhance their applications. Some examples of scholarship and financial aid as used by California community colleges can be found below.

College of the Canyons Argentina Study Abroad Scholarship
El Camino College Financial Aid Information
Mira Costa Salamanca Scholarship
Pasadena City College Financial Aid and Study Abroad
San Diego Foundation San Diego College Study Abroad Scholarship
San Diego City Financial Assistance for Study Abroad Program
The Italian American Scholarship Committee at Pasadena City College Awards

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