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California Community College Student Outcomes Abroad Research Project


Case for the Skills You Developed

Making Your Case for the Skills and Competencies You Developed (Questions to Ask Students to Support Reflection)

Dr. Linda Gross, Collegiate Employment Research Institute, Michigan State University, 2011
  1. To what extent did you actively interact & build relationships with people who hold different interests, values, perspectives during your study abroad?
  2. How did your study abroad experience contribute to your understanding cultural differences in work or organizational settings?
  3. How did your study abroad experience help you learn to adapt to situations of change or undertake asks that were unfamiliar to you?
  4. Describe a situation on your study abroad that enhanced your ability to work independently
  5. Describe a time during your study abroad that challenged your ability to work with others in a group. What did you learn from this experience?
  6. Innovation and creativity are important skills. How did your study abroad experience stimulate how you Identify problems and develop alternatives for solutions?
  7. What was the most significant thing you learned about yourself during your study abroad experience and how might you apply this in new situations or broader contexts?