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California Community College Student Outcomes Abroad Research Project


Suggestions for Faculty

Linking Study Abroad & Future Careers: Suggestions for Faculty

Chris Howell, UCLA Career Center

Faculty play a key role in promoting successful study abroad experiences among students. Chris Howell, Employer Relations Manager of International & Experiential Opportunities at the UCLA Career Center, has offered some steps faculty can take to enhance the link between students' study abroad experiences and their future careers.


  • Require students to reflect on their career goals or require a meeting with the Career Center
  • Arrange site visits to take place abroad that are relevant to students' career exploration
  • Offer independent research opportunities for students while abroad


  • Set performance expectations for students to meet in order to obtain a letter of recommendation, such as milestones of extra effort, self-directed learning, and going beyond minimum program requirements
  • Regularly evaluate students' academic performance
  • Offer career-related advice to students


  • Evaluate the career-related skills may have developed while abroad, such as the abilities to effectively communication or to work cooperatively