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Information for Academic Advisors

Arizona State University: Information for Academic Advisors

The Arizona State University Study Abroad Office acknowledges the central role of academic advisors in promoting student success during study abroad and integrating that success into a student's course of study. They realize that advisors are potential allies in promoting study abroad.

This office has provided details on how academic advisors can facilitate student success during study abroad in a manner that complements a student's goal of graduating. The discussion below was adapted from the resource they created.

Role of Academic Advisors

Academic advisors play an important role in sending students overseas. Students may meet with you as part of the application process to talk about what classes they can or cannot take abroad and what requirements they need to fulfill.

Students may also ask for advice about financing the cost of their program, so it is important for you to know that most types of financial aid (including federal aid, merit-based scholarships and alternative/parent plus loans) can be used on any study abroad program. Scholarships may also be available for students. Students should not limit their options by looking only for study abroad scholarships. Let them know about any scholarship opportunities through their department or college that they are eligible for.