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The Center for Global Education promotes international education to foster cross-cultural awareness, cooperation and understanding. Living and working effectively in a global society requires learning with an international perspective.

We promote this type of learning by collaborating with colleges, universities and other organizations around the world.

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Market Your Study Abroad Experience

How to Effectively Market Your Study Abroad Experience to Employers

Martin Tillman, AIFS Student Guide to Study Abroad & Career Development

The following are suggested steps you can take upon return to campus:

  • Visit a career services advisor to revise and edit your resumé to incorporate the new interpersonal skills and intercultural competencies that you strengthened while abroad.
  • Discuss ways to strengthen your cover letter to articulate how your study abroad experience is an asset for an employer.
  • Participate in campus or community programs that provide opportunities to practice articulating what you learned and the steps you took to gain or strengthen intercultural and professional skills.
  • Discuss your international experience with international students from the country in which you studied to gain a fresh perspective on the culture and values of that society.

As you prepare to conduct your job search, re-write your resumé, develop a cover letter, and prepare for interviews, keep in mind the qualities and skills that employers expect of a candidate who had studied abroad. These would include:

  • Strong problem solving skills and keen analytic ability
  • Tolerance for ambiguity and ability to adapt in new environments
  • Interpersonal communications skills
  • Cross-cultural competencies (could include language skills and ability to work well in different cultural settings)
  • Personal traits such as character, self-reliance, and dependability