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California Community College Student Outcomes Abroad Research Project


Academics and Advising

Clemson University: Academics and Advising

The Clemson University Office of Global Engagement has acknowledged that studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity for students should take advantage of, and thus encourages all students to study abroad. With this goal in mind, they are mindful that academic advisors are vital in encouraging students to both participate in study abroad and to maximize their time overseas so that students graduate.

This office has published a resource providing academic advisors with knowledge about study abroad and the role advisors play in promoting academic success abroad. The information below was adapted from their guide.

How You Can Help
  • Review the student's degree progress report with the student. In order to select a study abroad program that is academically appropriate, students should be aware of their degree progress.
  • Help them identify specifically which courses major/minor, general education, and electives they still have to complete. Note that students may meet their general education cross-cultural awareness requirement through an international/study abroad experience.
  • Offer advice regarding any courses that may not or should not be taken abroad (if applicable).
  • Talk to the student about how their study abroad experience might affect their degree progression or change the sequence of required courses.
  • Help the student plan their course schedule for the semester of their return. Students studying abroad in the fall, spring, or full academic year can register from abroad, but it is extremely helpful if they can plan ahead.
  • Students from abroad may also need guidance in course selection once they arrive overseas.