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The Center for Global Education promotes international education to foster cross-cultural awareness, cooperation and understanding. Living and working effectively in a global society requires learning with an international perspective.

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Crafting an Effective Resume

Crafting an Effective Resume

AIFS Student Guide to Study Abroad & Career Development, American Institute for Foreign Study
  • Visit a career services advisor to revise and edit your resume to incorporate the new interpersonal skills and intercultural competencies that you strengthened while abroad.
  • Discuss ways to strengthen your cover letter to articulate how your study abroad experience is an asset for an employer.
  • Before writing your resume, you need to reflect upon the international skills and competencies you have gained from your study abroad experience.
  • Audit your time abroad to highlight professional experiences and new intercultural competencies, and be prepared to describe them using specific language in your resume. You will need to develop a number of unique and individualized bullet points that show specific ways in which you gained skills and competencies during your study abroad experience.
  • An employer will not automatically "see" what may be very obvious to you about a skill or an experience you had while studying abroad! It's up to you to showcase and articulate the value of critical incidents, classroom work, community engagement, or international travel and to be able to discuss why any or all of these activities make you a strong candidate for a particular job assignment in an organization or company.