Innovative International Student Support Programming

Innovations in Re-entry Programming for International Students

Institution Program Details
American University

Re-entry Discussion: Transition of Returning Home from AU

  • International Student & Scholar Services at AU offers a newly developed program to help graduating international students who have concerns about finding jobs back home and cultural transitions as well adjustment after a long absence from home.
New York University

Preparation and Managing Coming Home

  • Re–entry has its own set of special social and psychological adjustments which can be facilitated by being aware of the re–entry process and following some advice from those who have already returned. The following list is compiled from many sources, but all of the tips come from returnees who offer these ideas in the hope of making your re–entry easier for you and for those at home.
University of California at Los Angeles

Center for Global Education: – Online Learning for Study in the U.S.

  • The Center for Global Education (CGE) offers, an online curriculum, to help any international student from any country to choose an appropriate U.S. university and then prepare for making the transition to study in the U.S. and plan for their return home, with resources for practical support (emphasizing health and safety) and intellectual support (emphasizing a greater understanding of your home and U.S. culture).
  • In Course 3, "Once You Return", international students are provided with the opportunity to continue by reflecting on their overseas experience, on the odd, sometimes painful and unexpected process of cultural re-adaptation, on the integration of their intense experiences with their current intellectual and emotional lives, and on where they can go from here personally and in their career preparation. It provides them the opportunity to continue the cross-cultural learning process, to make better sense of their experiences abroad, and to further refine their skills in cross-cultural observation, adaptation, and communication.
University of Minnesota at Twin Cities

Going Home: Preparing for the Transitional Experience

  • University of Minnesota at Twin Cities provide tools needed to help international students' transitional experience of going home.

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