Innovative International Student Support Programming

Mission Statements

Institution Program Details
Appalachian State University

AIEA Provost Perspective: Making Local to Global Connections for a Sustainable Future

  • "Looking to the future, we anticipate a deepening and maturing of internationalization at Appalachian. The curriculum will be more internationalized and students will be participating in more global learning opportunities both on campus and abroad.
    To these ends, Appalachian provides training opportunities for faculty members on how to infuse global issues into their courses as well as how to use technology to connect their classes with similar classes at partner institutions abroad. At the same time, the University is increasing the number of visiting exchange faculty members from our partner institutions coming to teaching at Appalachian for short time periods or a semester."
    ~ Lori Stewart Gonzalez, Appalachian State University, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Arizona State University

AIEA Provost Perspective: Engaging Globally with People and Issues, Locally, Nationally, and Internationally

  • "We also have learned how to help our international students make the transition more effectively as they come to study at ASU. As a result, they are achieving higher levels of academic success and having more meaningful cross cultural experiences in the US. This effort has involved considerable effort from many campus constituencies and has resulted in much higher retention rates for our students attending from around the world."
    ~ Robert E. Page, Jr., Arizona State University, Provost
  • "This commitment to global engagement is multi-dimensional. We seek this role to ensure our students have opportunities to develop an understanding of the larger world in which they live and work and how they may contribute to influencing its overall development. We seek to have students from other countries to expose our domestic students to different cultures and experiences that can be shared in curricular and extra-curricular contexts."
    ~ Robert E. Page, Jr., Arizona State University, Provost
Barnard College

Mission Statement

  • "Barnard College aims to provide its students with both an understanding of our local, diverse community, as well as the tools to become active leaders and responsible members of the increasingly interconnected, global society they will soon enter. The College also seeks to develop faculty expertise supporting its various internationalization efforts on and off campus. These aims are realized through curricular and co-curricular offerings; interaction with students and faculty from a broad range of cultures; and opportunities to travel, study and perform research abroad."
Beloit College

Mission Statement

  • "Our emphasis on international and interdisciplinary perspectives, the integration of knowledge with experience, and close collaboration among peers, professors, and staff equips our students to approach the complex problems of the world ethically and thoughtfully."
Binghamton University

Mission Statement

Global Gateway

  • "We want to be able to see beyond our own borders, where understanding the hopes, dreams, cultures and concerns of other people is the norm; where global awareness, respect and competence allows people of all backgrounds to work together effectively; where the richness of our diversity is embraced; and where knowledge grows through global interactions."
Boston University

Mission Statement

  • "Boston University is an international, comprehensive, private research university, committed to educating students to be reflective, resourceful individuals ready to live, adapt, and lead in an interconnected world. Boston University is committed to generating new knowledge to benefit society."
California State University at Fullerton

Mission Statement

  • "Empower students to reach their full educational and professional potential through participation in international and intercultural experiences."
California State University at San Marcos

Mission Statement

  • "...promotes and supports efforts to internationalize the curriculum, affords students the opportunity to study abroad, increases the number and diversity of international students on campus, supports international faculty collaboration, and fosters links with higher education institutions around the world."
Columbia University

Mission Statement

  • "It seeks to attract a diverse and international faculty and student body, to support research and teaching on global issues, and to create academic relationships with many countries and regions. "
Columbus State University

Mission Statement

  • "The rapid increase in the global mobility of students, services, and trade necessitates a continued focus on international education and study abroad programs. Students should be involved and engaged not only with the local campus community, but also with our international community. "
Juniata College

AIEA Presidential Perspective: Diversity and International Collaboration

  • "Creating an atmosphere in which students can cultivate intercultural skills of all kinds, from the local to the global, is a noble goal, but it can be difficult to achieve in practice. Too often units on campus perceive themselves as competing for resources or attention, and lose sight of the larger mission to educate students for the twenty-first century. It takes leadership from the highest level to thwart territorialism and inspire a college community to share a common vision, to work together towards meaningful goals."
    ~ Dr. Thomas R. Kepple, Jr., Juniata College, President
Pace University

AIEA Presidential Perspective: Rendezvous with the World

  • "For students with limited travel experience, working with the international peers on common problems can reveal both startling differences in culture and communication and startling similarities...They learn that two people can look at the same set of facts or historical events and draw very different conclusions about what happened and why, and who was right and who was wrong. They also come face to face with the limits of their own understanding. These are challenging experiences, but ones from which students emerge with new skills, new ways of thinking, and a new confidence that they can succeed in any environment."
    ~ Stephen J. Friedman, Pace University, President
San Diego State University

Mission Statement

  • "Create a faculty that provides international perspectives. In our increasingly global society, we shall recruit faculty who can bring international perspectives to their work, who are committed to internationalization in their teaching and scholarship and in advising students, and some of whom are bilingual or multicultural."
Smith College

AIEA Presidential Perspective: A World College for the World's Women

  • "A global education begins on our own campuses. Our colleges and universities must become both of and for the world, manifesting explicit commitments to internationalism in our student bodies, curricula, and ethos. International and intercultural studies must become a compelling intellectual focal point for students and faculty across the disciplines and across the curriculum. "
    ~ Carol T. Christ, Smith College, President
Troy University

AIEA Presidential Perspective: Partnerships Fuel Internationalization

  • "To foster internationalization we invested in a special fund to encourage faculty to study, work and travel abroad. How can we expect faculty to embrace internationalization if they have never traveled abroad themselves? Until the faculty commits to the concept of university globalization it will not occur. The commitment cannot be limited to the office of the president or chancellor. The CEO must be a strong advocate, but he or she cannot be the sole champion."
    ~ Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., Troy University, Chancellor
University of California at Davis

AIEA Provost Perspective: Seeking Solutions to Global Challenges

  • "The international students enrolled in our graduate and undergraduate programs, and the international scholars who study and teach with us for one or two years, boost the cultural literacy of our students from California and other regions of the country. They also enrich the intellectual and cultural environment for all members of our community—besides planting the seeds for stronger international partnerships and collaborations in the future. "
    ~ Ralph J. Hexter, University of California at Davis, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor; Distinguished, Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature
University of California at Riverside

Mission Statement

  • " and promote the success, wellness, and personal growth of international students through expert advising, intercultural programming, and advocacy."
University of California at San Diego

Mission Statement

  • "...inspire an appreciation of differences among cultures by providing opportunities for all segments of the campus community to participate in international education and intercultural exchange."
University of Kansas

Mission Statement

  • "The university is dedicated to preparing its students for lives of learning and for the challenges educated citizens will encounter in an increasingly complex and diverse global community. More than 100 programs of international study and cooperative research are available for students and faculty at sites throughout the world. KU teaching and research draw upon and contribute to the most advanced developments throughout the United States and the world. At the same time, KU's extensive international ties support economic development in Kansas."
University of Kentucky

AIEA Provost Perspective: Linking Internationalization to Mission, Priorities, Capacities, and Opportunities

  • "The great challenge for higher education today is how to develop leaders for an increasingly interconnected world. For me, internationalization and global learning communities are an essential strategy for educating those future leaders. We can do that through student mobility, and are working very hard on strategies to increase that mobility. However, we also have to think about how to create global learning communities here on our own campus, through the use of technology and through pedagogical innovation. For that to work, our faculty have to have global connections as well"
    ~ Dr. Christine M. Riordan, University of Kentucky, Provost
University of Maryland

Mission Statement

  • Enhance opportunities for global engagement by increasing the enrollment of international undergraduate students, and increasing opportunities for students to participate in outstanding and enriching international programs.
University of Michigan

Mission Statement

  • " We are committed to providing for our students and faculty international learning, teaching, and research experiences that will prepare them for a rapidly changing global community. The University encourages intellectual and cultural exchange in other countries, and programs that deeply engage scholars from disparate areas of the globe. We support and promote student, faculty, and staff immersion in local and national communities via service, learning, and leadership endeavors. We nurture lifelong relationships with alumni who span the globe."
University of Minnesota

Mission Statement

  • Encourage "Internationalization at Home" through the design and delivery of programs and trainings which build global competence.
University of Oregon

Mission Statement

  • This all begins with our service to students: we want more of them to experience the transformative benefits of global education and international work. Every UO student, regardless of means, background, major or career goals, deserves the opportunity to step out of the familiar, into the challenge of a new language, new culture, new food, new environment, new religion, new ways of viewing the whole world. This builds confidence, fosters global citizens, and makes our students more employable.
University of South Florida

AIEA Provost Perspective: High Impact Global Research and Student Success

  • "It's essential to integrate globalization initiatives at every level of the university community. For example, avoid housing all international students in one corner of campus or delivering separate class sections for international students. Do not fall prey to the seduction of new revenues as the primary motivator for globalization. "
    ~ Dr. Ralph C. Wilcox, University of South Florida, Provost & Executive Vice President

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