Innovative International Student Support Programming

Innovations in Community Outreach

Institution Program Details
Beloit College

Community Outreach Program

  • At local schools and clubs in Beloit, there are opportunities available for international students to share their experiences or introduce their countries and cultures. These are usually volunteer activities, and are great chances to get to know "real" people living in Beloit area.
Drexel University

Intercultural Community Bridge Program

  • This program is for International Gateway students at the ELC, Drexel University faculty and staff, fully matriculated Drexel students, and members of the West Philadelphia community. The goal of the program is to foster intercultural competence and appreciation within the Drexel and Philadelphia communities.
  • This program will provide students, employees and community members with incredible opportunities to learn about different cultures as well as a chance to share their expertise on their own cultures. In addition to this, all participants will be able to form lasting and meaningful relationships.
  • We create "families away from home" for ELC International Gateway students. A "community family" consists of four to five people: two or three International Gateway students, a fully-matriculated Drexel student, and a university employee or community member.
Florida State University

Global Ambassadors Program (GAP)

  • The Global Ambassadors program (GAP) gives international students, faculty, and scholars the opportunity to be cultural ambassadors of their countries! They engage in speaking opportunities throughout Tallahassee at community organizations, K-12 schools, and FSU classes.
Juniata College

Language in Motion

  • Language in Motion is an innovative, cooperative, outreach program using study-abroad returnees, international students, and upper-level language students to aid local K-12 teachers by creating and presenting language and cultural activities in their classrooms. No teaching experience is necessary, and students from all countries can participate (including English speaking countries like the UK and Australia). Students can volunteer or receive one class credit for this program.
  • The Goals
    • Increase interest in languages and cultures.
    • Demonstrate the value of language learning and study abroad.
  • The Benefits
    • Opportunities for language practice and a new look at your own culture.
    • Chances to meet and work with new people.
    • Respect for yourself and the language and culture presented.
    • A better sense of the American educational system and American school students.
Michigan State University

Community Volunteers for International Programs

  • For over fifty years the Community Volunteers for International Programs (CVIP) has welcomed MSU international students and scholars and their families to the greater Lansing community. Offers a variety of educational and cross-cultural activities and programs to bring the international and American communities closer together. The hope is to make the internationals' stay at MSU a more pleasant and rewarding experience.
Northeastern University

Volunteer Team Leader (VTL) Program

  • Students provide community service while strengthening their leadership skills, building résumé experience, and improving their English skills.To date, the VTL program supports 35 organizations and has over 2,000 hours of volunteered service.
  • Click here for the VTL Program flyer
Oregon State University

International Cultural Service Program

  • The International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) began at OSU in 1983 and it has attracted many outstanding students from countries around the globe. The program offers a scholarship to international students in exchange for cultural service to the surrounding communities. The goal of the ICSP program is to increase cultural awareness and understanding throughout the local region and the state of Oregon.
Portland State University

International Cultural Service Program

  • ICSP is a scholarship program for international students dedicated to promoting the recognition of commonalities and appreciation of differences through first hand knowledge and experience. At Portland State University, ICSP scholars are required to commit a minimum of 90 hours each academic year to giving cultural presentations in return for a partial scholarship.
  • The ICSP program offers a wide variety of cultural services and presentations in order to facilitate cross cultural understanding. Our international students are prepared to address many topics ranging from history, art, cultural festivals, traditions to music and the contemporary lifestyle. They organize their materials to suit specific interests. ICSP participants take great pride in representing their countries in the ICSP, and are delighted to share their cultures with inquisitive audiences throughout Oregon.
Purdue University

Boiler Out!

  • The Boiler Out Volunteer Program provides international students with meaningful community service projects that reflect its three core values of Outreach, Understanding, and Teamwork. Participants do a variety of volunteer work alongside American students and local community members.
University of Oregon

International Cultural Service Program

  • Bringing together a select group of University of Oregon international students to provide the Eugene-Springfield and surrounding communities with valuable cross-cultural exchange.
  • Students in this program provide 80 hours per year of cultural and educational service to the community in return for scholarship assistance while studying at the university. ICSP students generally satisfy this service requirement by sharing their cultures with local school classes and community groups.
  • Mandatory first year international student peer mentor program
  • Writing support lab specifically for international students
  • Vice Provost led International Student Advisory Board

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