Innovative International Student Support Programming

English as a Second Language

Institution Program Details
Arcadia University

English-Plus (E+): Bridge Programs

  • English Plus (E+) at Arcadia University is an academic bridge program designed to prepare non-native English speakers from other countries for success at a university in the U.S. Specifically, the program has two goals: (1) to help students develop the language and literacy skills required in graduate or undergraduate Arcadia classrooms or elsewhere; and, (2) to socialize students into campus life and introduce them to the broader American culture. These students take one or two classes at the ELI that focus on specific academic language skills such as academic writing, oral presentations, or academic reading as well as specific academic subject-matter in the disciplines.
Arizona State University

ESL Innovation Lab

  • ASU pilots, develops and tests new curricula and technologies to offer students an innovative learning experience that accelerates their acquisition of English.
  • Our ESL Innovation Lab puts AECP on the cutting-edge in:
    • leveraging online technologies to develop solutions and products in partnership with corporations and entrepreneurs.
    • developing personalized, scalable solutions for global businesses, educational institutions, and governmental bodies, worldwide.
    • piloting new technologies and programs: evaluate, review, and share what we learn.
    • effectively and efficiently incorporating the best ESL products into ASU curriculum.
    • creating a hotbed of technology to accelerate students' acquisition of English.
    • improving ESL instruction through innovative, cutting-edge teaching and learning strategies.
Auburn University

INTL 1820: Classroom Communication Skills for International Teaching Assistants

  • INTL 1820: Classroom Communication Skills for International Teaching Assistants is a course designed to improve the classroom communication skills of international Graduate Teaching Assistants (ITAs). It is also open to visiting scholars with teaching assignments.
  • The course provides instruction in classroom language skills, cultural issues, and teaching techniques. Students are videotaped several times during the semester presenting mini-lectures from their own fields. Each student then meets individually with the instructor to review the videotape for analysis and feedback. This course is offered during the fall and spring semesters. It meets twice a week for a total of three hours.
Binghamton University

The Academic Success Program

  • The Academic Success Program (ASP) gives international students a head start transitioning to American college life. The ASP is a requirement for admission to Binghamton University for a select group of international students. Students apply for Binghamton University admission as usual and are then chosen by the Admissions Committee to attend the ASP.
  • This five–week program held during the summer before freshman year is designed to help you further develop your English language proficiency while earning up to six (6) credits toward your degree. In addition, you will learn where to get academic support, become familiar with the campus and local culture through a few day trips, and connect with fellow students and faculty.
Boise State University

Language Bridge Program

  • The Language Bridge Program combines English language courses with university undergraduate courses and allows students to begin earning credits towards their degree while they are still in the Intensive English Program. Students must study in the Intensive English Program for at least 8 weeks to be eligible for the Language Bridge Program and must meet the Language Bridge Program grade and attendance requirements.
Brown University

English for International Teaching Assistants Program

  • The English for International Teaching Assistants Program evaluates the spoken English proficiency of international teaching assistants prior to their assuming teaching duties at Brown and provides English language courses for international graduate students who need to improve their spoken English before they begin teaching.
Columbia University

International Teaching Fellows Training

  • The American Language Program offers special language and teacher training for International Teaching Fellows in the graduate schools at Columbia University. Such training commences with a thorough testing of Teaching Fellows' oral English skills. It then proceeds through the semester with detailed work on the sounds, intonation, and rhythm of English, as well as the discussion and practice of classroom management techniques that will allow the fellows to contribute confidently to the academic life of the University.
Concordia College


  • Collegetown is a credit-bearing accelerated English-learning program for international students intending to study at an American college. The coursework is taught and administered by Concordia Language Villages
  • The July session of Collegetown is designed for international students who desire to have an short-term study abroad experience in the United States that focuses on developing fluency and confidence in American English (ELL 111). July session students may also elect to enroll in the August session.
  • The August session presents a similar program with more advanced language learning available (ELL 111 and ELL 112). In addition, international students intending to enroll at Concordia will attend this session.
  • Watch Collegetown's counselor on how she helps international students improve their English and gain a better understanding of American Culture.
Cornell University

International Teaching Assistants Program (ITAP)

  • The CTE International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP) works with international teaching assistants (ITAs) to meet required levels of oral English proficiency for teaching assignments. The program helps ensure ITAs have a successful teaching experience.

Summer Program

  • A weeklong program to support all incoming international students whose first language is not English and who will assume TA duties during the fall semester.

Summer Institute

  • An intensive, three-week blended summer course to provide selected ITAs with the opportunity to enhance their teaching and oral communication skills.
Drexel University

Drexel International Gateway

  • Drexel International Gateway provides qualified international students with a foundation year of quality academic and English language courses, plus Intercultural Community Bridge activities.
  • Real faculty:
    • Up to 17 hours of university credit for core academic courses in mathematics, sciences, and communication, taught by outstanding faculty in the Drexel College of Arts and Sciences
    • English language courses plus IELTS or TOEFL preparation courses taught by faculty in the CEA-accredited
    • Drexel English Language Center; all ELC instructors have advanced degrees in TESL or related fields.
  • Real support:
    • Individualized advising for academic success
    • The Intercultural Community Bridge program helps students make contact with American university students and experience campus life and their community.
  • Real success:
    • Preparation for full-time undergraduate degree programs in majors including bioscience, communications, computer science, engineering, business, and more.
    • The future opportunity to participate in Drexel Co-op, the ultimate internship.™
Ohio State University

Spoken English Program

  • Ohio State's Spoken English Program (SEP) was established in 1986 to certify international teaching assistants in accordance with Ohio State Law. SEP screens all prospective ITA's and provides coursework for those who require it. The coursework in our program is innovative and individualized, designed to improve spoken English fluency through social practice and to provide practice instruction in various language, intercultural, and teaching skills.
  • The goal of the Spoken English Program (SEP) it to ensure that international teaching assistants have the cultural intelligence and language proficiency necessary to teach effectively in a U.S. setting. Prospective teaching assistants at the Ohio State University demonstrate these skills by taking courses and successfully completing the Oral Proficiency Certification Assessment.
University of Alabama

Teacher Enhancement Program

  • The English Language Institute Teacher Enhancement Program at University of Alabama is designed to meet the needs of international teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL) who wish to improve their own English proficiency as well as their EFL teaching expertise.
  • The program designed for non-native English speakers who teach English as a foreign language and want to
    • Improve their English language skills
    • Improve their English teaching skills
    • Learn about and experience life in the US
University of Arizona

ESL Bridge Programs

  • The Undergraduate ESL Academic Bridge Program at the University of Arizona consists of sheltered English immersion credit-bearing courses. These academic courses are supported by a series of ESL courses acting as a support or bridge. Students enrolled in the Undergraduate Bridge Program begin with greater ESL instruction at the beginning and increase their enrollment in academic courses as their English proficiency and grades progress. Students are enrolled in courses through CESL and are admitted to the UA upon successful completion of the program or attainment of the minimum proficiency requirement.
  • The Graduate ESL Academic Bridge Program is an advanced level ESL program where students take ESL courses at a higher level than in the Center for English as a Second Language's Intensive English Program. The courses are designed for pre-academic, graduate-bound students enrolled at CESL. In addition to ESL courses, students in this program sit in on a graduate course in their intended field of study (with department approval) while receiving support from a CESL teacher. The two-session program focuses on advanced language training to help students meet the minimum requirements for admission to graduate programs at the University of Arizona.

Teacher Training Programs (TEFL)

  • The University of Arizona's Center for English as a Second Language's (CESL) is proud to offer the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL/TESOL) Certificate Program which helps prepare those who wish to teach English, as well as a selection of professional development classes for experienced teachers of English.
University of California at Los Angeles

American Culture and Conversation (AC&C) Program

  • The American Culture and Conversation (AC&C) program is an 8-week class designed to help international students and scholars learn about American culture while also improving their English conversation skills. In AC&C, you will learn all about American Culture, idioms, slang, history, humor, etc. and more and improve your conversation skills at the same time! You will get to meet people from other countries, share global perspectives on world events and cultures and learn all of those strange words and phrases that Americans say.
University of California at San Diego

English–in–Action (EIA) Tutor Program

  • The International Center's English–in–Action (EIA) tutor program matches international students, scholars and spouses with volunteer tutors to help our international visitors with conversational English language skills, simultaneously helping them to acquire a better understanding of American culture and to acclimate more quickly to their new environment. Our tutors are community members, faculty, staff, and students.
University of Colorado at Boulder

ESL Academic Bridge Program

  • The ESL Academic Bridge Program is for conditionally-admitted students who have not met the English language proficiency requirements for admission into a degree program at the University of Colorado Boulder. Students who choose to enroll in the ESL Academic Bridge Program must successfully complete the program prior to beginning their degree program at the university.
University of Connecticut

International Teaching Assistant (ITA)

  • International Teaching Assistant (ITA) services are under the direction of the University of Connecticut American English Language Institute (UCAELI), in the Office of Global Affairs.
  • ITA courses are designed to meet the language and pedagogical needs of international teaching assistants specific to the departments in which they will teach. In ITA classroom work, instructors and undergraduates work with with students individually and in small groups. Courses are designed to help ITAs meet the English Proficiency Requirement of the University of Connecticut as well as to prepare them for their role as classroom or lab instructors.
  • International TAs who are coming to UConn after having taught at another U.S. institution should submit written evidence of the TA position to the UCAELI office. English proficiency can be certified based on previous TA experience, but the student is still required to attend the UConn ITA orientation.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Preparing International Teaching Assistants Program (PITAP)

  • The Preparing International Teaching Assistants Program (PITAP) is for international graduate students who are or plan to be teaching assistants. Students learn key skills for the American classroom.
  • The program helps students:
    • Develop teaching skills
    • Build cross-cultural communication skills
    • Improve spoken English
University of Wisconsin at Madison

ESL 370: International Teaching Assistant Training

  • The ITA training course helps non-native English speaking TAs to improve their oral communication and classroom teaching skills.
  • The course focuses on three areas essential to good teaching.
    • Teaching and Presentation Skills: Digitally recorded teaching presentations, tutorials, and peer feedback.
    • Communication Skills: Practice ways to improve your classroom communication skills.
    • Cultural Background: Discussion of the TA's role, undergraduates' expectations of a TA, and the unique aspects of the US educational system.

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