Innovative International Student Support Programming

Innovations in Mental Wellness Support for International Students

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American University

Support for International Students

  • Students coming to the university from other countries and cultures often face special challenges in their efforts to thrive at AU. Challenges may include, for example: adjusting to a new academic and social environment; culture-shock or language-barriers; finding companions of one's own religion, language, or culture; homesickness; encounters with prejudice; or other difficulties in fully engaging in university life.

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Florida International University

International Circle: A Support Group for International Students

  • The Office of International Student & Scholar Services at FIU has a support program called "International Circle." Our office collaborates with the Office of Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS). The program is meant to allow international students to discuss their concerns, challenges, etc. in a safe, group setting. Students can talk about a variety of issues from cultural adjustment and academic adjustment, to navigating a large city, such as Miami. Discussions are facilitated by a CAPS staff member to ensure that every participant is receiving equal respect and that the environment remains non–judgmental.
  • Click here to see the International Circle flyer
New York University

Mental Health/Depression

  • Students who suffer from depression or anxiety can experience many adverse effects on their academic and social lives and, consequently, are more likely to drop out of school or achieve lower grade–point averages. NYU's award-winning systems and services to address mental health in the university community include a collaborative approach among NYU primary care, counseling services, and care management; routine screening for depression in all primary care appointments; and the 24–7 Wellness Exchange hotline and crisis response.
Tufts University

Counseling & Mental Health Service for International Students

  • In the United States, international students often have lost immediate access to their primary support system, as they physically moved away from their primary supports. In addition, international students may experience increasing stress due to homesickness or to adjusting to the college environment, language and cultural difference in the U.S. These factors make international students more susceptible to academic, health, emotional, or psychological problems, or these factors may make a preexisting condition worse.
University of California at Los Angeles

Dialogue and Support Group for International Students (CAPS)

  • The International Wellness Committee meets once per quarter as well and is composed of various staff from Student Affairs Offices at UCLA. The main purpose of the committee is to share perceptions of what challenges and obstacles international students may face, what works well and doesn't, and how to increase wellness, mental health awareness and prevention, and help-seeking skills in a very diverse population.
University of Georgia

Information about CAPS Services for International Students at UGA

  • International students face unique challenges adjusting to new culture and managing academic and other demands. We recognize that this adjustment can be stressful and offer a variety of services for international students at UGA.
  • Some students may be unfamiliar with counseling because it is not a common practice in their culture. They may also believe that counseling is only for people who have serious psychological problems. In fact, UGA students seek our services for a variety of everyday concerns that impact their academic performance, how they feel about themselves, and their relationships.
  • CAPS is committed to the academic, personal, social and psychological growth of students at the University of Georgia. We strive to be highly accessible while promoting a healthy learning community for students and the University campus. We offer our services with respect for others and appreciation of diversity.
University of Maryland

Mental Health Information for Transfer & International Students

  • The Mental Health Service knows that starting at the University of Maryland can be a stressful transition for many students, whether you are a freshman, transfer student, international student, or graduate student. Transition times are often stressful, requiring new coping skills. They often lead to new emotional or psychological issues, or lead to a relapse of previously existing mental health conditions.
  • The Mental Health Service provides the following services to students on campus:
    • Evaluation and short-term individual psychotherapy
    • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management when indicated
    • Group therapy
    • Crisis intervention
University of Minnesota at Twin Cities

Information for International Students

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Mental Health Needs Assessment for International Students

We would appreciate your feedback. We would like to hear from you about any programs you've developed to help support the orientation and integration of international students on your campus as well as others you've seen as positive models at other institutions! Please provide that information to us at