Innovative International Student Support Programming

Innovations in International Programs & Services

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Arizona State University

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

  • The ASU Foundation for a New American University and The MasterCard Foundation are pleased to announce the availability of The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at ASU. This prestigious scholarship recognizes international students from Sub-Saharan Africa who come from the lowest socioeconomic quintiles and show outstanding academic and leadership abilities.
  • Those considered for this program demonstrate high academic achievement, exceptional records of service and activity in their schools and communities, and a commitment to return to Africa after their studies to make an impact on social and economic change in their home countries.
Binghamton University

Pursuit of Academic Success Group

  • This group assists international students in maximizing their academic achievement. Participants of this group will discuss barriers to academic success and learn how they can better address them. Each week, a different barrier will be discussed.
Brown University

International Mentoring Program

  • IMP engages incoming undergraduates who identify as international, regardless of their legal status or place of residence, in the academic, co-curricular, and social opportunities and challenges of coming to Brown and the U.S.
California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo

VISIT Cal Poly: Visiting International Students Invited To Cal Poly

  • Come visit Cal Poly! International students can experience a unique academic environment at our campus in San Luis Obispo. It's a different California, with pristine coastlines, acres of vineyards, unspoiled ranchland and natural beauty.
  • VISIT Cal Poly is an excellent way for international students to experience the academic life and culture in the United States. Unlike exchange programs which require a formal agreement between your current university and Cal Poly, this program is based on a short-term stay.
Columbia University

Columbia Mentoring Initiative (CMI)

  • The OMA Columbia Mentoring Initiative (CMI) is an inter-generational mentorship program that connects first years with returning students (Upper-Class Mentors), and all students with alumni. In addition to program-wide, cross-cultural programming for all participants, students have the opportunity to get involved in various "family trees":
    • Arab and Middle Eastern Family Tree
    • Asian Family Tree
    • Black Family Tree
    • Indigenous Family Tree
    • International Family Tree
    • Latino Family Tree
    • LGBTQ Family Tree
  • For first year students, CMI focuses on the adjustment to Columbia University and college life. The mentors and "family" members will emphasize leadership development, identity development, emotional health, academic success, belonging, and community consciousness.
Concordia College


  • Collegetown is a credit-bearing accelerated English-learning program for international students intending to study at an American college. The coursework is taught and administered by Concordia Language Villages
  • The July session of Collegetown is designed for international students who desire to have an short-term study abroad experience in the United States that focuses on developing fluency and confidence in American English (ELL 111). July session students may also elect to enroll in the August session.
  • The August session presents a similar program with more advanced language learning available (ELL 111 and ELL 112). In addition, international students intending to enroll at Concordia will attend this session.
  • Watch Collegetown's counselor on how she helps international students improve their English and gain a better understanding of American Culture.
Duke University

Connect. Learn. Grow. (CLG Series) Workshop Series

  • Connect. Learn. Grow. (CLG) Workshop Series provides richer and deeper level of information and advice beyond our regular orientation. Often times international students and scholars are overwhelmed by so much information they get during orientation period, and many pieces of valuable information may get lost. IHouse offers international students and scholars further opportunities to learn how to navigate their life at Duke and in Durham.
Earlham College

Thematic Studies Abroad (TSA) program

  • The Thematic Studies Abroad (TSA) program at Earlham College is a one-year exchange program for students from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. Each year, Earlham welcomes 12 to 20 TSA students from Waseda for a year of thematic and language study. Thematic study focuses on the themes of American Cultural Studies and International Studies. Courses and program activities are designed to help students understand their experiences while in the United States and develop a deeper awareness of the United States in a global society.
  • TSA students enroll in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses according to their needs. ESL courses are comprised of both TSA students and degree-seeking international students. The aim of all ESL classes is to prepare students for successful participation in regular academic courses. By Spring Semester, all students are expected to be enrolled in at least one regular academic class.
Emory University

Academic Fellows Program

  • The Academic Fellows Program provides student mentors to first year and transfer international students. Mentors contact entering international students after their admission to Emory to answer questions and direct them to academic and other campus resources. Each mentoring group meets four or more times per semester, often during strategic times in the semester, such as before midterms and pre-registration periods. The informal nature of the group meetings allows opportunities to make the acquaintance of other students, share experiences, and socialize. Mentors are not advisors, but provide links to the wide array of resources on campus and also help international students understand the culture of Emory College.

Global Debate Forum

  • The Global Debate Forum (GDF) is a joint-office initiative at Emory University that began in Fall 2013 between the Barkly Forum debate office and the Office of International Student Life. The GDF developed out of a need to support international students in the development of their public speaking skills, and also to provide an avenue for international students to debate issues of importance to them. The GDF is executed through hour long, monthly roundtable sessions, and a tournament each semester, where students can come together to learn different debate skills, discuss international topics, and improve their public speaking and debate skills. The GDF is open to all undergraduate and graduate international students, whether or not they have debate experience.

ACE Program for International Students (2012 - 2014)

  • The ACE Program for International Students is a unique and innovative three-week program that is designed to prepare you for a successful adjustment to the academic, social and cultural life at Emory and in Atlanta before the fall semester begins. This intensive writing and communications course promotes success for studies at Emory by improving skills in academic contexts and emphasizing reading, writing, discussion skills, and research techniques.
  • The ACE program will provide you with the tools to navigate the significant challenges you will encounter as you begin your academic career, and give you the early start necessary for the transition to college life. Most importantly, it will provide you with a rich linguistic, academic, social, and practical foundation for the next four years.


  • - Academic Fellows Program
  • - Global Debate Forum
  • - ACE Program for International Students (2012 - 2014)
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University

    FDU Pre-University Program (PUP)

    • Preparing Students for the Challenges of University Study While Earning Credit Toward an Undergraduate Degree
    • Fairleigh Dickinson University offers an exciting opportunity for international students with intermediate English language skills who meet the University's academic admission standards but require additional training in academic English (speaking, listening and/or writing skills).
    • FDU PUP is designed to help students overcome many of the obstacles they will face in the beginning of their studies by providing an innovative curriculum that integrates specialized English language preparation along with learning strategies and critical thinking skills.
    • International students are often shocked by the gap between the academic English language skills expected of them and the English language skills they have acquired. This gap can prevent students from performing at their academic best.
    Florida International University

    International Peer Mentor Program

    • As a new international student you probably have lots of questions, not just about your immigration status but about FIU, where to go for what, how to get involved on campus, how to meet new people and perhaps other issues you may have as you adjust to life in the U.S. and in Miami.
    • International Peer Mentors can:
      • Answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate campus or community resources where your concerns may be addressed
      • Help you become more involved on campus by sharing their knowledge of events, activities, and student organizations
      • Serve as a liaison between new international students and the ISSS office, providing feedback to us on how we can assist students more effectively
    George Washington University

    Committee on International Student Success (CISS)

    • Stakeholders in GW's international programs and services convene as members of this committee to discuss best practices, share resources, brainstorm, and collectively work to improve services that enhance the campus and classroom experience for GW's international students.
    Indiana University–Bloomington

    International Student Ambassadors

    • Thinking about studying at Indiana University, but would like a current international student's perspective? Take advantage of IU's International Student Ambassadors! Indiana University has around 30 students from over 10 countries with multiple academic backgrounds willing to share their IU experiences.
    La Roche College

    Pacem In Terris

    • Established by Monsignor Kerr in 1993, the international student program provides scholarship opportunities to students from developing and post-conflict nations. In exchange, students return to their homeland upon graduation to improve conditions there.
    • The program provides the students with a campus environment that is both physically secure and culturally diverse, allowing them to examine the adverse impact that violence and conflict have had on their countries. The program operates on three interrelated dimensions: formal classroom instruction, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities related to enhancing the student's understanding of social and community development, and the experience of living in a democratic environment that accepts and encourages diversity.
    Loyola Marymount University

    iMentor Program

    • The iMentor Program is designed to create a mutual learning opportunity for incoming undergraduate international students in their first year and current LMU students. iMentors are your academic and social resource at LMU, Los Angeles and the U.S. As an iMentee, you get the chance to share your unique and cultural experiences with your iMentors.
    Northeastern University

    Global Student Success

    • Global Student Success is committed to fostering the acculturation of international students to the Northeastern community, and promoting internationalization across the institution. We support international students through cross-cultural, linguistic, and academic support services. We also partner with faculty, staff, and administrators to integrate global dimensions and cross-cultural understanding into the Northeastern experience.
    Northern Arizona University

    International Friends Program (iFriends)

    • The International Friends Program (iFriends) seeks to connect Northern Arizona University international students with domestic students for an intercultural experience.
    • Students are paired at the beginning of each semester. Partners are matched primarily by age, gender (same-sex), interests, and languages spoken. If you have a particular country or language preference for your partner we will try to accommodate that, but we cannot guarantee your preference.
    Ohio State University

    Global Gateways

    • Ohio State's Global Gateways give the university a physical presence in key parts of the world and have served as the catalyst to launch Ohio State's goal of becoming a preeminent global university. They provide the university with a distinct set of opportunities unmatched by other institutions. The Gateways are representative offices currently in Shanghai, China (2010) and Mumbai, India (2012) that allow the university to forge new partnerships, recruit international students, facilitate faculty research, serve as a portal for study abroad, provide a new way to partner with Ohio-based companies operating in global markets and enable Ohio State to reconnect with a growing international alumni base.
    Portland State University

    The International Student Mentor Program (ISMP)

    • The International Student Mentoring Program (ISMP) is designed to provide ongoing assistance to incoming international students admitted to Portland State University. Each term, peer mentors assist new international students in the transition from their respective countries to our university by connecting with students before they arrive, leading small groups at International Student Orientation, and serving as a cultural bridge and a resource to new students during their first term in the United States. Transitioning from one country to another is often a complicated and frustrating process. This program is designed to smooth that process. The aim of the ISMP is to enhance the international student experience at Portland State University through personal interaction in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
    Princeton University

    Living in Princeton Guide

    • Living in Princeton Guide is designed to help international students, scholars, and their families as they adjust to the culture, language, and customs of Princeton University and United States.
    Purdue University

    Purdue University's Passport to Intercultural Learning (PUPIL)

    • Purdue's new core curriculum includes among its foundational and embedded learning outcomes Human Cultures, Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility, and Intercultural Knowledge and Effectiveness. PUPIL is a tool to assist faculty and students in assessing and documenting the acquisition of these very important skills specific to Intercultural Knowledge and Effectiveness.
    • PUPIL is "Purdue University's Passport to Intercultural Learning", a specific application of Passport designed for students to document their Intercultural Learning.
    • Passport is a tool that instructors can use to create and award digital badges. Students may also independently document, reflect and provide evidence of their curricular and non-curricular intercultural learning assignments or activities. Students earn badges by completing challenges. The required work to complete each challenge is called a task, examples are: submitting documents, links to websites or media, and passing quizzes. Once students have successfully completed all of the tasks within a challenge, Passport automatically awards them a digital badge that can be shared online or published to their Mozilla Backpack.
    Rice University

    R.E.A.P. International (Rice Experiences Advertised to Prospects – Internationally)

    • REAP International is a program designed to increase Rice University's visibility on a broad-based scale to prospective international students, overseas universities/schools, and overseas advising centers, through hearing about Rice students' experiences. Rice University international students choosing to participate with REAP International will be serving as a type of "ambassador" for Rice University.
    • Rice university uses enrolled, degree-seeking international students on a non-immigrant visa at Rice, to visit a high school, university/college, or overseas advising center in their home country during their trip home for REAP International.
    San Francisco State University

    International Education Exchange Council (IEEC)

    • The International Education Exchange Council maintains a goal of encouraging international education, student exchange, and study abroad at San Francisco State University, and a sharing of cultures between international and domestic students at SF State.
    • Being a member in the IEEC is a great opportunity to meet the international crowd of the San Francisco State University. Not only will you learn things you never would've thought of about other cultures, you will also gain life-long friendships and connections – both domestically and internationally. But the benefits don't stop there.
    St. Cloud State University

    Academic & Cultural Sharing Scholarship

    • St. Cloud State University's Academic and Cultural Sharing Scholarship (ACSS) will offer the resident tuition rate to international students who meet and maintain eligibility requirements. The goal of this scholarship is to promote cross-cultural interaction and understanding between international students and members of SCSU and the St. Cloud community through active participation/volunteering in cultural activities. Most ACSS qualifying activities require the student to volunteer at a cultural event rather than just attend, i.e. presenting at Cultural Café, volunteering as an International Peer Advisor, etc.
    Santa Barbara City College

    SBCC Ambassadors

    • SBCC Ambassadors connect students from around the world with each other and with the local community in order to heighten understanding, increase cross-cultural exchange, and integrate new SBCC students into the SBCC community through social activities and campus events.
    Texas A&M International University

    International Student Mentors Program (ISMP)

    • ISMP is a peer support activity program which helps with the assimilation process of new international students to TAMIU and South Texas. After being accepted to TAMIU, students receive a Texas size welcome and support from ISMP members in the form of pre-arrival interaction via e-mail or social networks, orientation activities at the beginning of the semester, and general support throughout the semester.
    • Each new international student participating will be assigned a student mentor. These mentors are fellow TAMIU students who will use their personal time to help new students adjust to their new environment and with the cultural transitions. ISMP provides activities during the first three weeks of the semester and will assist in the transition to the Association of International Students (AIS) and other student organizations that will set students on their way to a successful and active semester.
    University of Alabama

    International Peer Advisory Council (IPAC)

    • International Peer Advisory Council (IPAC) is a volunteer-based organization designed to assist newly-arrived international students at UA with cultural adjustment, and to provide an opportunity for intercultural exchange among students, both international and American.


    University of Arizona

    Peer Integrators (PIs)

    • Peer Integrators (PIs) serve as leaders for the Fall and Spring International Student Orientation AND as student ambassadors for the international student community. The PI program requires a 1-year commitment from participants. PIs will provide new international students with the information needed to successfully begin their college experience by introducing new international students to the campus and its resources. In the process, PIs will develop program development, leadership, teamwork, and cross-cultural skills throughout the program. Students with international and/or intercultural experience are strongly encouraged to apply. The Peer Integrator program is open to both international and domestic students.
    University of California at Irvine

    I-STEPS: International Students Transitioning to Educational and Personal Success

    • I-STEPS is a 10-week course created especially for new, first-year, International students and provides the opportunity to:
      • Learn more about American culture in a comfortable environment
      • Learn tips and suggestions on how to succeed academically and socially at UCI
      • Make new friends! Build a network of friends, staff, and faculty at UCI
      • Explore on-campus resources and services
    • Featured topics include:
      • U.S. American Slang
      • Managing Your Time in the First Quarter
      • Success in the U.S. Classroom
      • Adjusting to Life in the U.S.
      • How to Maintain Your Immigration Status
      • and much more!

    Life in the U.S. Series

    • The UCI International Center offers a "Life in the U.S." workshop series on various topics of interest to new international students, such as finding housing or obtaining a driver's license
    University of California at Los Angeles

    International Student Ambassador

    • The International Student Ambassador Program was designed for UCLA international students to serve as cultural ambassadors for their country to other UCLA students who are planning to study abroad. International Student Ambassadors serve for one academic year and are available to help prospective Study Abroad students with both cultural and country specific questions.
    University of California at San Diego

    Triton International Leaders

    • The Triton International Leaders mentor program provides an opportunity for current students and newly admitted international students to interact, promote cultural exchange, and have a great time!
    • Peer Leaders develop strong leadership and communication skills while working with international students.
    • International students are provided the opportunity to develop familiarity with UCSD and the surrounding area with the help of their Peer Leader.
    University of Cincinnati


    • The University of Cincinnati (UC) uses an international office management system called Sunapsis. Sunapsis was developed by Indiana University and is designed to help international offices manage all aspects of the international operation. Each school can brand Sunapsis accordingly and UC recently rebranded their system as iBearcatsGlobal. The system allows UC to streamline the welcome and arrival of new international student using a pre-arrival checklist. The checklist is designed to give students one central location to use to help students understand and facilitate completing all the necessary tasks for their arrival at UC. It includes everything from how to get their certificate of eligibility for a student visa issued (form I-20) to applying for on-campus housing to reserving free airport pickup. After arrival it provides students with an effective and paperless means to request visa benefits and notify the university of important changes. It also provides university departments with an effective tool to request immigration benefits for employment of international workers and, when appropriate, the transition to permanent residency.
    University of Colorado at Boulder


    • CU-International is a group of student volunteers who plan and lead activities for international students, scholars, and faculty. They also provide support and service to international students experiencing sudden and unusual difficulties. Members are both international and American students. New students meet CU-International members for the first time during check-in at ISSS. They are friendly students who answer questions, organize campus tours, and plan dinners and other events where students can meet each other.
    University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

    International Hospitality Committee

    • The International Hospitality Committee (IHC) is a volunteer organization founded in 1952. IHC offers programs to help international University of Illinois students, faculty, staff and their families during their stay in the Champaign–Urbana community. The goals of the IHC are to promote an enjoyable experience for international visitors, to facilitate their adjustment to their new environment, to aid them in improving their English skills, and to encourage understanding and friendship between local residents and people from other countries.
    University of Kentucky

    International Student Ambassadors

    • Develop your communication skills by becoming a role model to other international students. Be a mentor for ISSS and gain experience in an office setting by planning events and attending professional development workshops conducted by UK Training and Development.
    University of Maryland at College Park

    SLLC-ISSS-EA Language Partner Program

    • SLLC-ISSS Language Partner Program (LPP) offers majors in any SLLC program at UMD the opportunity to meet with international students outside the classroom and practice their target language in an informal yet structured way. For international students, the LPP provides a forum for connecting with U.S. students and integrating into the UMD campus.
    • The LPP provides a win-win situation for both sides. For SLLC majors, participating in the LPP offers a structured opportunity to practice their target language outside of the classroom. Meeting with a native speaker will help SLLC students develop fluency and increase their confidence in speaking while also learning about other cultures and gaining new friends. For international students, the LPP connects them with U.S. students who in turn may help with their cultural integration, serve as good resources to help them navigate an unfamiliar U.S. educational setting, and generally facilitate their stay in the U.S. Upon successful completion of the LPP, SLLC students will earn 1 credit (SLLC 309) and native speakers will receive a small scholarship.
    University of Michigan

    Intercultural Leadership Seminar

    • The Intercultural Leadership Seminar (ILS) is designed for international and U.S. students who want to learn how to be more effective in a global environment. ILS includes brief lectures, discussion, experiential activities, and small group work.
      • Increase your awareness of your own and others' cultures and communication styles
      • Gain skills necessary for effective intercultural communication
      • Discover your own leadership potential and enhance your intercultural competence
      • Develop friendships and help each other have a successful U-M experience.
    University of Minnesota–Twin Cities

    Culture Corps

    • The Culture Corps program provides an opportunity for international students to share a piece of their culture and knowledge with the campus community through individually designed projects. Through classroom presentations, special events, lecture series, and other methods, Culture Corps participants provide unique perspectives and new insights to enrich cross-cultural understanding at the University. Participants gain skills in leadership, public speaking, and event organization, and develop self-awareness to see themselves, their culture, and their strengths in a new light.

    International Buddy Program

    • Adjusting to a new cultural environment can be exciting and challenging. New international students at the University of Minnesota often have a lot of questions and concerns during their first weeks on campus. The International Buddy Program was created to ease the transition, with current U.S. and international undergraduate students helping new undergraduate students.
    University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

    International Friendship Program

    • The UNC-Chapel Hill International Friendship Program is designed to match an international student with a family or individual with whom he or she can visit, enjoy an occasional meal, celebrate holidays, participate in community events and simply enjoy the exchange of international friendships. Housing and financial needs have already been met through other sources.
    • The separation from family and familiar culture patterns often can be a difficult and frustrating experience for the international student. However, by helping the student understand American culture and offering friendship, a host can ease the international student's adjustment to a new life in a new land.
    • The University of North Carolina International Friendship Program provides a rewarding and enjoyable experience of cultural exchange for local families or individuals and international students. Besides making new friendships, host families gain insight and greater understanding of other countries, cultures and customs.
    University of Notre Dame

    International Ambassador Program

    • International Ambassadors (IAs) are a select group of University of Notre Dame students, both international and American, undergraduate and graduate, who serve as International Student and Scholar Affairs' (ISSA) student leadership team. The role of an IA is multi-faceted. IAs welcome new international students and help them adjust to life at Notre Dame. They serve as peer mentors by assisting international students with their academic, cultural, and social adjustment to the United States and Notre Dame. IAs also serve as cross-cultural group leaders during International Student Orientation and continue to support their assigned students throughout the academic year.
    University of Pennsylvania

    ISAB: International Student Advisory Board

    • The purpose of ISAB is to provide feedback concerning International Student and Scholar Services programs, outreach, website, services and general effectiveness. Student board members will be introduced to ISSS programs, website, international student services, orientation and other areas. Board members will give feedback and recommendations regarding programs, services, web site information and navigation, and orientation to assist ISSS to provide excellent programs and services. Board members will also give feedback to other Penn units upon request.
    • ISAB is composed of undergraduate and graduate international students, international student appointees of the Director of the ISSS and a staff member of the International Student and Scholar Services. Additional individuals from the University may attend as invited guests.
    University of South Carolina

    Carolina Intercultural Training

    • The International Student Services office has launched a new program, "Carolina Intercultural Training", which will help ease cultural clashes, miscommunication, and prejudices. Similar to "Safe Zone" and "Green Zone" trainings, faculty and staff members who complete this "International Friendly Zone" program will receive a certificate and will be better equipped to promote and provide an inclusive environment on campus for international students, in addition to preparing themselves for international experiences of their own.

    Thinking Globally

    • Thinking Globally is a program created specifically to connect international student speakers with USC and community classrooms. Volunteer ambassadors present to first year USC students in University 101, academic classes, and community classrooms throughout Columbia.
    • Thinking Globally allows international students the chance to refine their presentation and facilitation skills, to serve as ambassadors for their countries, and to encourage global citizenship in American students. It is also a valuable community service opportunity.
    University of Tennessee

    International House (I-House)

    • The essence of the I-House is its multi-cultural atmosphere. It is here that individuals from all over the globe come together to share experiences and dreams and to learn mutual understanding and respect.
    • A primary purpose of the I-House is to serve the unique needs of international students and provide a "home away from home" environment. An equally important second function is the promotion of cross-cultural exchange and understanding between American student from various cultures and those students from other cultures around the world. Everyone is welcome here because we are all citizens of the world. We invite all students—American and International—as well as scholars, faculty, staff, and members of the community to meet, study, relax, and get to know each other.
    University of Utah

    International Ambassadors

    • International Student & Scholar Services' International Ambassador Program matches globally-minded students who are familiar with the campus and Salt Lake City with incoming international students. Ambassadors help new international students adjust to life at the U and in the U.S. by assisting at International Student Orientation and welcome events, answering common questions asked by new international students, and providing support during the student's first semester.
    University of Vanderbilt

    First Friends

    • First Friends facilitates cross-cultural exchange through friendship, connecting Vanderbilt University international students with Americans on and off campus. An annual program coordinated by International Students & Scholar Services (ISSS), First Friends begins each academic year as hundreds of students travel from around the world to study at Vanderbilt. International students join First Friends to experience American life and culture. At the same time, they bring unique experiences from their home countries that they are ready and willing to share with new American friends.

    International Orientation Leader

    • International Student & Scholar Services is looking for enthusiastic Vanderbilt students to serve as leaders for International Student Orientation this fall. Each year, Vanderbilt welcomes students from as many as 60 countries to join our campus and community. International Orientation Leaders will help build a welcoming environment and provide guidance to students throughout their transition to life at Vanderbilt.
    University of Virginia

    MIX (Mentoring & International eXchange)

    • Each fall, over 150 international undergraduate students arrive at the University of Virginia. Not only do these students face the challenges of entering into a new university, they also face the challenges of dealing with a new culture that is often extremely different from their own.
    • Through the Mentoring & International eXchange (MIX) program, U.Va. students assist and welcome incoming international undergraduate students. The program creates opportunities for international and American students at U.Va. to interact on a personal level and develop greater global and cultural awareness.
    • MIX recruits and trains 30 undergraduate students who have been in attendance at U.Va. for at least one semester. Mentors take an active part in planning and running activities and maintain contact with their assigned mentees throughout the year.
    University of Washington

    World to Work Program

    • The FIUTS World to Work Program, which takes place every Spring, offers students from around the world an opportunity to see local workplaces, meet professionals, and learn about institutional culture in the U.S.
    • Based on campus at the University of Washington, FIUTS programs create a community of international and American students, members of the local community, and alumni around the world.
    Washington and Jefferson College

    The Magellan Project

    • The Magellan Project is found only at W&J and offers W&J-based funding and support to engage in unparalleled experiences such as internships, research, or study abroad during the summer months. The goal of this program is to assist W&J students in exploring their passions and interests in a very hands-on, interactive manner. The invaluable opportunities that W&J students experience through the Magellan Project teaches lessons that they will carry with them throughout their time at W&J and well beyond.
    • A cornerstone of the Magellan Project is the fact that students have the opportunity to create their own project proposal, including a detailed plan and budget, which promotes independent and creative thinking. As is customary at W&J, there is dedicated group of faculty advisors who are there every step of the way to answer questions and guide interested students through the process!
    Washington State University

    Engage the World

    • This program sends international students and students returning from education abroad into local classrooms and senior centers to provide cultural seminars and other types of educational presentations. Students can receive service hours through the Office of International Programs.

    Campus Friends

    • In this program, domestic and international students are paired as conversation partners to exchange language and/or culture. Students can receive service hours through the Office of International Programs.

    We would appreciate your feedback. We would like to hear from you about any programs you've developed to help support the orientation and integration of international students on your campus as well as others you've seen as positive models at other institutions! Please provide that information to us at