Innovative International Student Support Programming

Innovations in Orientation Courses

Institution Program Details
College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University

A Semester-Long Orientation Course

  • International students take a 12-week cultural academic orientation course in their first semester in addition to the standard three-day orientation that all new students attend.
  • COURSE 125 Cultural/Academic Orientation. Social and academic life on a United States campus and socio-academic realities of the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University and the surrounding area. Focus on cultural adjustment cycle, and strategies that help students integrate themselves in U.S. campus life. Topics that will also be covered are immigration laws, health services, library services, course registration and advising, plagiarism, security, sexual violence and harassment issues, racism and xenophobia. S/U grading only. Fall and Spring. Recommended for all entering new and transfer undergraduate international students.
Northern Arizona University

CIE 100: International Student Success

  • CIE 100 is an 8 week transition course covering topics like academic resources, academic integrity, immigration requirements and U.S. Law, as well as healthy relationships and U.S. culture. Each week has a different topic and each week contains two class sessions.
  • Class session 1 brings all of the students together in a large group to hear presentations from experts across campus. For example, when addressing student academic resources, representatives from our campus Student Learning Center would be the presenters. Class session 2 breaks out the larger section into smaller sections (between 20-25 students). In the smaller sections, reviews of that week's topics, as well as an introduction to basic study skills take place.
Santa Barbara City College

PD 101B: Orientation to College For International Students

  • Provides an overview of the American higher education system as well as an orientation to the college and its student support services. Students learn about cultural patterns and adjustment issues, US classroom culture and college resources that are available to provide ongoing academic support.
University of California at Los Angeles

University Studies 20: How to Succeed at UCLA – For International Students

  • UCLA offers University 20 for incoming international students. The course is specifically designed for first-year international students. Students learn how to avoid common mistakes and gain strategies on how to adjust to UCLA academically. They gain insight on life as a college student in the United States, and take control of their UCLA education from day one.

Center for Global Education: – Online Learning for Study in the U.S.

  • The Center for Global Education (CGE) offers, an online curriculum, to help any international student from any country to choose an appropriate U.S. university and then prepare for making the transition to study in the U.S., with resources for practical support (emphasizing health and safety) and intellectual support (emphasizing a greater understanding of your home and U.S. culture).
  • In Course 1, "Before You Leave", international students are provided with the opportunity to determine their goals for study in the U.S.,get advice on how to search for the program that is best for them, learn what documents they need, and prepare for cross-cultural and language learning.
  • In Course 2, "While You are in the U.S.", international students are given the tools to make the most of their experience abroad. They will learn how to cope with challenges, how they can take care of things they may not have prepared for, and how to get ready for the return home.
University of Oklahoma

ENGR 1411: Freshman Engineering Experience

  • 0 unit course required for incoming domestic and international freshmen with a declared Engineering major.

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