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The Center for Global Education promotes international education to foster cross-cultural awareness, cooperation and understanding. Living and working effectively in a global society requires learning with an international perspective.

We promote this type of learning by collaborating with colleges, universities and other organizations around the world.
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About Program Development

Policy Information:

Study abroad program administrators should carefully consider health and safety issues when developing a new program. This ranges from specific concerns such as, housing, transportation and excursion programming to the effectiveness of all aspects of the study abroad program. NAFSA’s Guide to Education Abroad for Advisors and Administrators, Second Edition, (p. 260) outlines some of these areas in the following way:

  • Establishing curricular, credit, and grading correspondences between disparate systems;
  • Entering into contractual arrangements with foreign universities, other institutions and governments; following the correct protocol;
  • Setting admissions standards and defining the process;
  • Securing housing, office space, classroom space, study space, library resources, and so forth;
  • Helping with passport and visa procurement.
  • Dealing with student health, safety, and social issues;
  • Setting budgets, handling finances, and so forth; and
  • Hiring faculty and staff.

In addition, it may also be helpful for administrators to consider the above information from a student’s perspective. To help students gain further insight on aspects of study abroad programs, particularly those aspects associated with health and safety concerns, the Center for Global Education developed an online student study abroad handbook.

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