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About Sexual Harassment and Assault

Policy Information:

Students in study abroad programs, like those on U.S. campuses have been victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Administrators should include background information to students on these issues prior to their participation in a study abroad program. Information and discussion could focus on both ways to avoid negative interactions and how to respond to sexual harassment and assault if it occurs. Students also need to know how they can obtain support from on-site administrators and faculty as well as home campus staff. In the case that harassment or assault results from contact with faculty and staff themselves, then students should be instructed on how to contact administrators at home and abroad.

Support for victims and the group will be important. Home campus counseling and medical staff may prepare materials, develop policies, and have a crisis response team in place. Colleges and universities across the United Stated have made extensive efforts in this area, and this expertise could be shared with the study abroad program office staff in the case it needs to respond to such a crises

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