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Policy Information:

“Careful participant selection,” including faculty, staff, subcontractors, and students, is the first recommendation of the United Educators Insurance Risk Retention Group in their series on Managing Liability for proactively managing risks in study abroad programs. (p.8) Administrators may decide to review police records, student conduct reports, driving records, etc. in the attempt to ensure that the participants have the necessary skills, experience, and maturity for the program. A credit check may be in order for staff if they will have access to program funds. Students should be encouraged to include information about participation in drug or alcohol counseling or groups such as AA in their medical background.

Administrators must also consider policies and procedures for dealing with violations of conduct codes while overseas taking into account “the skeleton staff, reduced level of resources, and the locality’s cultural differences.” (United Educators Insurance Risk Retention Group in their series on Managing Liability, p.9)

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