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About Drugs and Alcohol

Policy Information:

The drug and alcohol use and abuse that occur on colleges and universities in the United States will be reflected in study abroad programs. A thorough screening process, however, can help reduce the risk of such problems arising abroad. As part of the application process, administrators could consider getting written consent from the students to access campus records such as student conduct reports. They might also encourage students to include experience with drug or alcohol treatment in their medical background. Administrators may wish to contact university counsel to ensure that all programs comply with the 1998 Anti-Drug Abuse Act. (NAFSA’s Guide to Education Abroad for Advisors and Administrators, 2nd ed., p.221.)

Alcohol abuse abroad may occur because of a lower drinking age, a mistaken impression of how alcohol is used in the new country, or a desire to fit in. The orientation should address these issues along with the consequences of drug or alcohol abuse for the program and the country. It should be made clear that if they violate local laws being an American does not make them less guilty.

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