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Resources for Program Administrators

About Managing Program Sponsored High Risk Activities

Policy Information:

Some high risk activities that are particularly relevant to the academic mission of the program may be considered if they can be carefully managed. Program administrators may wish to obtain approval from senior staff, risk management personnel, and legal counsel at the home institution prior to sponsoring a high risk activity. A checklist for high risk activities might include:

  • Screening procedure to ensure suitability of the participants for the program activities
  • Mechanism to review and approve all foreign travel programs
  • Familiarity of Faculty and Staff with the process
  • Program brochures and pre-travel meetings cover: - descriptions of sponsored and optional activities - required code of conduct - anticipated risks - required documentation (such as waivers, vaccinations, and insurance coverage) - the program’s responsibility for participants’ personal property.

When high risk activities are included in a study abroad program, administrators should avoid making “unrealistic or misleading promises, representations, or statements that could give rise to liability.” United Educators Insurance Risk Retention Group, Inc. Managing Liability series (p.11) The same document recommends that students sign a statement of responsibility and waiver form after being explicitly informed about the risks of the program. These statements would ensure that the students understand and assume the risks and release the program from any liability. Transferring risk through insurance and indemnification is also a key strategy to managing risk.

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