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PLUS: The Project for Learning in the United States
Re-Entry Resources

This course is for students who have returned home after their studies in the U.S. Here they will find tips and techniques to help them with their return home, how to cope with the issues that may arise after they return, and how to continue their learning. This course provides them with the opportunity to continue by reflecting on their overseas experience, on the odd, sometimes painful and unexpected process of cultural re-adaptation, on the integration of their intense experiences with their current intellectual and emotional lives, and on where they can go from here personally and in their career preparation. It provides them the opportunity to continue the cross-cultural learning process, to make better sense of their experiences abroad, and to further refine their skills in cross-cultural observation, adaptation, and communication. The course requires students to complete a home school study abroad outreach to encourage others to learn about or study in the U.S.


We are always looking to collect more re-entry resources and information to assist all international students returning from study in the U.S., as well as resources that provide special insight to coping with re-entering their native cultures. If you have any information or resources you would like to share, please email us at