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The Center for Global Education promotes international education to foster cross-cultural awareness, cooperation and understanding. Living and working effectively in a global society requires learning with an international perspective.

We promote this type of learning by collaborating with colleges, universities and other organizations around the world.
PLUS: The Project for Learning in the United States
U.S. Campus Outreach

The amount of U.S. students studying abroad and international students studying in the U.S. soars each year. By bringing international and U.S. students together, students and scholars will gain a new understanding of different cultures as well as explore their own identities. All students benefit from the interaction as international students are eager to make U.S. friends, returning study abroad students are eager to reconnect, and potential study abroad students are eager to learn. The task is now to help these students form a community where they can meet and interact with one another.

Click on the following links for information on how you as an international student, faculty/staff, or an international student advisor can facilitate international outreach on your campus: