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SAFETI Clearinghouse
Special: Alcohol Awareness for Study Abroad


Alcohol use and abuse is a challenge on U.S. college and university campuses. Study abroad adds to these challenges as students who were not legally able to drink in the U.S. (under 21) are of legal drinking age if they are 18 while abroad in many parts of the world. The Center for Global Education at CSUDH, in collaboration with Heads Up! at LMU have developed resources to help study abroad programs provide enhanced orientation to support Alcohol Awareness and student safety. On this website, you will find a link to where you can download our Alcohol Awareness for Study Abroad Video. This can be shown to students prior to departure as well as upon arrival abroad. Along with the video, we have developed companion documents: 1) A Student Alcohol Awareness Document and 2) An Administrator Awareness Document to accompany the video.

This is the third update of the video, with edits following feedback from users of our previous versions. This is the first time we have released the companion documents.

The SAFETI Clearinghouse of the Center for Global Education serves as a national resource supporting the study abroad field. We do not charge for the work we do in this area. However, with the reduction of available external funding for resource development, we are asking users of the Alcohol Awareness for Study Abroad Video to donate to the Center based on the number of students who participate in their programs. This support will cover the cost of developing this version of the video and to work on enhancing it and providing additional resources in the future to support your programs and your students. We look forward to your feedback on ways we can enhance this and other SAFETI Clearinghouse resources. Please donate based on the following suggested scale:

• 001 – 100 students: $ 100
• 101 – 250 students: $ 200
• 251 – 500 students: $ 300
• 501 – 750 students: $ 400
• 751 – 1,000 students: $ 500
• Over 1,000 students: $ 600

If you are not able to provide support at the suggested levels above, please provide support at a level that your institution can. However, we request that those not able to donate at the suggested levels send a letter providing background on the level that your institution is able to support. In return for that support, your institution may download the video and materials and copy and use for one year from that time. You do not need to make an immediate payment to use the video and materials. You can provide payment online using a credit card or by sending a check:

Via Mail

To provide support using a check, please make the check out to "CSUDH Foundation" and mail it to the Center at:

Gary Rhodes, Ph.D., Director
Center for Global Education
California State University, Dominguez Hills
College of Extended & International Education
1000 East Victoria Street
Carson, CA 90747
Telephone: (310) 243-3975


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