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About Cultural Adjustment Abroad and Re-Entry

Policy Information:

There are many differences between the US and other countries around the world. The number of resources available for developing cross-cultural awareness and preparing students for the realities abroad and upon their return to the US should be taken advantage of. Orientation materials and discussions can help the transition the student abroad and reduce the impact of "culture shock".

Intercultural Understanding and Communication

Informing students of cultural specific issues is valuable. Many students are not aware of the realities of living in another culture. How does the sense of time, our beliefs, relationships with others change when students are immersed in another culture? What is like to be "American" in another country? Trying to help students build cross-cultural skills, attitudes, and sensitivity could be one of the goals during orientation. Summerfield, E, Sibley, R., and Stellmaker, H. (1997). Predeparture Orientation and Reentry Programming. NAFSA’s Guide to Education Abroad for Advisors and Administrators, Second Edition, Washington, D.C.: NAFSA Association of International Educators, 240-242.(Sexual Harassment.)


According to NAFSA Foundations of International Education: Education Abroad Advising, a successful Re-entry program includes the following eight steps:

  • Begin preparing students for re-entry before they depart
  • Remind students about re-entry issues before they return
  • Have a least one informal social gathering when student return to school
  • Prepare for coping with reverse culture shock
  • Recruit to be peer advisors to the incoming international and exchange students in the fall
  • Invite returned study abroad students to speak on resource panels
  • Ask students to help with your office recruiting
  • Encourage students to participate in internationally-related activities (4-13)
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