Bush, George W., Former U.S. President

Name: Bush, George W.
Title: Former U.S. President
Company/Organization/University: United States

International Education Week 2001 Message

"I am pleased to send warm greetings to all those observing International Education Week, 2001 sponsored by the United States Department of Education and the Department of State.

In today's complex and rapidly changing global marketplace, our collective and individual prosperity rely increasingly on political, economic, and social cooperation that transcend traditional national and cultural barriers. We also recognize that trust, unity, and peace between nations are built on understanding, and that real understanding comes from communication.

In light of the extraordinary times we are facing following the September 11 terrorist attacks, International Education Week provides an occasion to acknowledge the necessity of developing and strengthening international ties. We must also reaffirm our commitment to promote educational opportunities that enable American students to study abroad, and to encourage international students to take part in our educational system. By studying foreign cultures and languages and living abroad, we gain a better understanding of the many similarities that we share and learn to respect our differences. The relationships that are formed between individuals from different countries, as part of international education programs and exchanges, can also foster goodwill that develops into vibrant, mutually beneficial partnerships among nations.

America's leadership and national security rest on our commitment to educate and prepare our youth for active engagement in the international community. I call on schools, teachers, students, parents, and community leaders to promote understanding of our nations and cultures by encouraging our young people to participate in activities that increase their knowledge of and appreciation for global issues, languages, history, geography, literature, and the arts of other countries.

Laura joins me in sending our best wishes for a successful week."

Bush, George W., (November 13, 2001). International Education Week 2001 Message, the White House, Washington DC.