Beers, Charlotte, Former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs

Name: Beers, Charlotte
Title: Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs
Company/Organization/University: House International Relations Committee


“…It's significant I think that 50 of the world leaders with whom we are trying to develop a coalition have been members of and participated in our exchanges over the long number of years that you supported them and we have been able to field them. This kind of liaison experience and dialogue that we set up so long ago is not only going to help us build a coalition but sustain it."

***The following excerpts were taken from the Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange website.

Statement at Hearing: Public Diplomacy

"Fulbright academic exchanges and other professional exchanges must continue. We are using the contacts we earned over the years with exchanges and scholarships to develop a whole new level of diploma and speaking between moderate Muslims and the United States… We have to be mindful that we are in a long- lived engagement to reach new audiences in different ways."

Beers, Charlotte. (October 10, 2001).“Statement at Hearing: Public Diplomacy ," U.S. Department of State.