General Statements

Becraft, Michael
Former Acting Deputy Commissioner
Immigration and Naturalization Service

"The growth in international education has significantly benefited the U.S. economy and brought continued recognition of the superiority of the U.S. higher education system. Foreign student programs have been found to serve U.S. foreign policy objectives by exposing nationals of other countries to the institutions and culture of the United States, by helping to cement alliances with other countries, and by transferring knowledge and skills to other countries, particularly developing countries."

Ki-Moon, Ban
Current U.N. Secretary-General
United Nations

“We cannot take refuge in silence. That is why my advice to world leaders is consistent. I tell them to listen. Listen to your people. Hear their concerns. Pay close attention. That is what I do in my travels around the world. In refugee camps. In the ashes of war. In cooperatives and communities. The languages are different, but the message is the same: Help us to help ourselves. People do not want handouts. They are not interested in charity. All they ask is the right to build their own future.”